YAMATO Troops – 11,111 Fighting Warriors with Proof of Ownership stored in the Ethereum blockchain

Establishing an everlasting investment DAO. That is YAMATO’s vision.

All investment decisions, from the selection of assets to decisions regarding exits, will be made by community vote.

We aim to grow YAMATO into the largest community investment fund to come out of World.

Join the YAMATO community to become part of the next generation of community investment funds.


Legal entity operating expenses 20%

Provisional investment in web3 area 20%

YAMATO NFT operating expenses 60%

Trial operations of the YAMATO FUND 

YAMATO holders are entitled to receive capital. In the initial phases capital will be limited to seed-phase NFT projects)

Whether a project can go live will be determined by community vote (requires more than 2/3 approval)

example returns:

– 10-20% of genesis NFT sales

– 5-15% royalty secondary sales

Project owners will pay the predetermined return to YAMATO FUND. 

To receive capital, potential project owners will be expected to pitch their ideas to the community. Following community approval, a contract will be drawn and the capital will be invested.

YAMATOworld in the metaverse
Events such as concerts and NFT project pitches and various recreational events will be held in the metaverse. We are planning several events for the community.


1. How much does it cost to submit a proposal for a project?
>Nothing. Submitting a proposal will not cost anything.

2. What happens when a project fails?
>Capital injected will take the form of investment. There will be no return obligations for capital.

3. How does community vote work?
>Each YAMATO NFT you hold entitles you to 1 vote per NFT.

4. What is the maximum investment a project can receive?
>In the initial phase the limit will be 43ETH. This may expand as the FUND grows.

YAMTO apparel
Apparel and merch will be used to bring YAMATO to the real world.

Avatars will also be dropped to YAMATO holders

Mint YAMATO COIN (Airdrop to YAMATO holders)

Establish Fund DAO

Community-led fund with the YAMATO COIN as the governance token.
All fund activities, including investment decisions will be decided by the
community. The fund will have a treasury wallet and the community will
vote on investment proposals. Upon voting, capital will be drawn from
the treasury wallet.

* YAMATO will manage operations up until the formation of the DAO

YAMATO members



【Community Manager】


【Blockchain Engineer】

【Web3.0 programmer】

14 million followers on SNS

Official Ambassador (Announced this fall)